If you’re a beginner or weekend hacker, STOP reading now. This is NOT for you.

Discover Tour Golfer’s Secret
To Programming Your Game
For Ridiculous Consistency

To: Serious Golfers
From: Craig Sigl, Master Hypnotist
Re: Crushing Your Scoring Barrier

Dear Fellow Golfer,

Even though you’re a serious golfer among your cronies and competitors, if you’re like most players you’ve noticed that even on your peak days, there are moments when you choke. You KNOW you could be a better golfer, but there are plenty of days when:

  • You blow those 4 foot putts that you easily make all day on the practice green.
  • You lose your focus for one shot…and it turns into a double or triple.
  • Your mind gets filled with thoughts of past misses at the worst times and causes the golfers enemy: DOUBT.
  • You can’t make up your mind how to play shots and INDECISION takes over
  • Your swing reverts back to old habits seemingly out of nowhere
  • You can’t seem to “play one shot at a time” as all the gurus teach
  • You still find yourself getting angry and mistakes bleed into the next few holes
  • You’re still confused, underneath it all, about how your best swing should work
  • You can’t stop the tension and anxiety that causes your hands to shake or sweat when putting or chipping
  • You still find yourself “guiding” or “steering” your swing even after hitting hundreds of balls in practice the week before.
  • Negative thoughts and fear still enter your head on a regular basis and cause you to get distracted or make critical errors.

All this costs you those ONE or TWO strokes that when tallied on the scorecard at the end cause you to LOSE to your pals or, worse, COST you the club championship or spot on the rankings.

So what’s the secret to fixing these mistakes on the course?

You also know there MUST be something that the pros are doing that you simply haven’t thought of or mastered.

There MUST be some kind of secret skill or “club” that pro golfers have figured out or belong to that helps them keep their edge and focus on the course.

It wasn’t until I figured out what it was that I finally broke 80, then shot par, then enabled my high-paying clients to do even better.

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The Secret Advanced Skill and “Club” of the Pros

It turns out today’s elite athletes all have something in common. Something you and I never learned about.

What do these clubhouse legends have in common:

** Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino, Phil Mickelson, Ian Woosnam,

And what about these elite atheletes:

** Tony Jacklin, Muhammad Ali, Rod Carew, Mary Lou Retton, Steve Hooker (2008 gold medalist-Australia), Nolan Ryan, Ken Norton, Greg Louganis, Wayne Gretzky, Boomer Esiason, Nigel Benn, Jimmy Connors, Freeman McNeil and countless others?

ALL of these super talented golfers and athletes have discovered that to go BEYOND their current skill level that they have to go BEYOND the MECHANICS of the game and MASTER their MIND for dramatically improved focus.

Specifically, they’ve learned the skills and tools of self-hypnosis, or mental conditioning, that have helped them reach MASTERY levels of CONSISTENCY, mental toughness, and finding the ZONE when it counts most. They all belong to a club of elite atheletes who have mastered their subconcious programming so that they can get automatic on-demand peak performances…all by using self-hypnosis.

That’s the Secret!?

Yes, self-hypnosis. And it’s not about lying on the couch or leaving your body or squaking like a chicken. The pros have all learned to think and talk to themselves in a way that helps them take their game to the next level. That’s why they don’t miss the four-footers, or choke from the tee box. They’re in the zone. And they put THEMSELVES there through self-hypnosis.

Check out this excerpt about Tiger Woods from Golf Digest:

“Woods’ ability to produce peak performance by ‘willing myself into the zone’ is unprecedented. And at age 13, Tiger began mental training with Dr. Jay Brunza, a family friend and psychologist. Among the techniques Brunza used were subliminal tapes and hypnosis. “The first time Jay hypnotized Tiger, he had him stick his arm straight out and told him that it couldn’t be moved,” Earl (Tiger’s father) says. ‘I tried, but I couldn’t pull it down.”

In the same article, Tiger himself says that hypnosis is ‘INHERENT IN WHAT I DO NOW.” [emphasis added]

Of course, some people get weirded out by this. They’re a little confused about self-hypnosis and think it’s unfair that Tiger and others have this kind of secret weapon or Jedi mind trick ability. But it’s not a trick. It’s a skill. And it’s a skill I can teach you so that you can automatically put yourself in the zone for lower scores, greater consistency, and friend-shocking accuracy and performance on the course.

How it all became mainstream
(And why the pros all use it)

Millions of golfers look up to Tiger Woods’ methods, advice and teaching, and yet relatively few know that he has used self-hypnosis with his mental coach FOR YEARS.

But as more people discovered it, more people began getting results.

In a Times article, Justin Rose said, ” “I know Tiger meditates a lot. For me, this has helped. The brain’s a muscle, too, and it’s something you’ve got to invest time in. It’s as simple as relaxing, breathing, getting myself into a subconscious state where a lot of positive thoughts can sink in.”

Then along came Gio Valiante, Ph.D., the mental game consultant to the Golf Channel and Golf Digest. He said, “Hypnotherapy can be a powerful vehicle for psychological change in golfers. The improvements in focus, relaxation and confidence that can result from hypnotherapy are exactly what many golfers need.” (Source: Annual Review of Golf Coaching, 2009, page 205).

Why this works
(From Breaking 80 to Breaking Par)

For years now, I’ve been using the principles I teach worldwide for my own game. If you’ve read book or heard my teaching around Break 80 Without Practice, you know that for 27 years, I was the typical struggling golfer who read all the books, took lessons and yet, was stuck shooting 80’s and 90’s.

Sound familiar?

You’ve probably been through the same thing. But now you’re smarter.

  • YOU’RE NOT FOOLED anymore by those over-hyped, over-priced ebooks that “guarantee” you’ll lose 7 strokes and increase your driving distance 30 yards with a “magic” move in 2 hours.
  • YOU IGNORE the latest greatest “perfect” swing device that some marketing company dreamed up that will never work
  • YOU SCOFF at the masses of golfers who constantly search for “TIPS” to try out this weekend hoping they’ll miraculously “fix” their horrible swing
  • YOU LAUGH at how many golfers spend 95% of their practice time on the range , 5% on the short game…and 0% on their mental game
  • YOU ARE SMART enough to know that gimmicks, gadgets and swing pictures in the magazines are not the answer to lower scores because you know it’s YOUR MIND and inability to be in the zone and be consistent that is holding you back.

It took me a while to figure all of this out. But now I finally cracked the code, shot a 71 on a championship course and have helped my clients do much, much better than that.

My secret weapon is the same weapon and skill that the pros rely on ALL THE TIME. It’s self-hypnosis, real mental conditioning, that helps you:

this is alt Stay focused and in the present moment through ALL 18 holes
this is alt Bring your practice game over to the course with razor sharp accuracy and astounding consistency
this is alt Repeat your BEST SHOTS with EVERY club EVERY TIME you really need it
this is alt Stand over a putt and “see” the perfect target line to the hole
this is alt Trust your swings and strokes under pressure
this is alt Get up and down from the sand as easy as from the fringe as if there wasn’t a difference
this is alt Create a wall of mental toughness around you to bounce back from any bad shot
this is alt Slip into YOUR ZONE at the beginning of a round…and stay there the entire game
this is alt Eliminate the yips… Shanks… Blocking.. Pushing.. Pulling… get rid of ALL those repeated shots
this is alt Stand over a putt with that unconquerable feeling of KNOWING it will and always does go in
this is alt Put the chipping and pitching game on automatic pilot, dialing in distances quickly and easily in your mind

This is the essence of self-hypnosis on the golf course. This is the secret of the pros.

And this is what I’m going to teach you to do.

“Most Elite Athletes Engage In Some Form Of
Self-Hypnotic Techniques”

“In the world of sport, the application of hypnosis is insiduously present but rarely discussed. In my clinical experience, most elite athletes engage in some form of self-hypnotic techniques…. Whether the clinician actively hypnotizes the client or teaches the client self-hypnotic techniques, the resulting trance state often enhances the athlete’s sense of mastery, independence, and confidence – all of which are fundamental goals of the practicing sports psychologist or psychiatrist.”

Dr. Michael Lardon, an An Associate Clinical Professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego – 2009 Annual Review of Golf Coaching p. 200-201

GOLD MEMBERSHIP – 24.95 Per Month

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Solid Improvement Comes Down to This…

You’ve had flashes of brilliance on the course. Now you want them more often. You want flow, predictibility, lower scores and higher performance every round, every time. You want everything I’ve talked about above.

The only way to improve your game and get this kind of performance immediately and consistently is to learn self-hypnosis — to reprogram your mind for focus and automatic excellence.

I should warn you though: Self-hypnosis isn’t what you might think it is.

Most folks’ knowledge of hypnosis comes from the movies, TV and stage shows. In truth, most of what people think of hypnosis is false.
Hypnosis is just an advanced tool for helping you better ingrain knowledge. It’s the missing link for why you can’t retain and use all the tips and tools you’ve read about for improving your game.

Most people haven’t looked into hypnosis because they think it is something that is “done” to you where you lose control of yourself. Not at all.

In fact, self-hypnosis is something you’re ALREADY DOING TO YOURSELF (and have been for years).

You are ALREADY programming yourself in some way or another. And if you’re like most serious golfers,you’ve ACCIDENTALLY hypnotized yourself into self-doubting thoughts, consistent tension, and the high levels of anxiety that come at the worst times on the course (and probably in life, too).

In other words, you’ve developed consistent thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are either serving you on the course or WRECKING your game.

True solid performance comes down to you “fixing” your accidental mental programming. A better game awaits only those who learn to reprogram their mind and self-hypnosis is the tool that Tiger and top pros turn to for just that.

“Discovered Another Level Of Performance”

Steve Wozeniak

“Craig, You are my mental game guru. The hypnosis sessions in your office were so profound for me. I’ve discovered another level of performance in golf and other areas of my life through this work. I look forward to learning more from you.”

Steve Wozeniak, Head pro, Bellevue WA G.C. www.SteveWozeniak.com

GOLD MEMBERSHIP – 24.95 Per Month

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – 247.00 – Own If For Life!

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Why You’ve Been “Locked Out”

Unfortunately, this information and the secrets to self-hypnosis have only been available to the people willing to drop $10,000 or more on the best sports psychologists and swing instructors in the world.

I’m here to change that.

After years of charging my hypnosis clients thousands of dollars a year for this information, I’ve recognized a lot of patterns and I’ve learned the fastest ways to help them improve their game (and their lives).

And now I’m going to personally help you use self-hypnosis to ingrain into your body the beliefs, patterns, thoughts, emotional control, and physical habits and processes that you need to conquer the course.

“Craig, the reason I write to you is simply that I shot my first 80 last week!!”
Kevin Sullivan, Vancouver BC Canada
“So I definitely feel that the work we have done has been well worth the $$ and the time investment. You have given me a great set of tools that I can use to make myself better “
Skip Johnson, Seattle WA

This really works!

“This really works! As a high 80’s /Low 90’s player I have always been looking for that “something extra” to help my game. Using Craig’s method I am now shooting in the low 80’s and with a bit more attention to my short game I should start to break 80!”

Bill Foley, London, UK

The System for Serious Golfers

A lot peak performance and sport psychologist specialist try to teach golfers self-hypnosis like Tiger uses all the time. The only problem? They’re not hypnosis masters and they don’t play golf! I am and I do, and now I’m going to give you all the tools you need to master your golf game (and your inner game).

I’ve created a custom self-hypnosis program TAILORED FOR YOU, the serious golfer.

After having guided hundreds of clients into hypnosis, in person, I have developed a virtual hypnosis office online that comes as close as you get to actually being there with me in my real office in Bellevue WA. SportsHypnosisWest.com

You see, everyone can be and has been hypnotized. Now we’re going to teach you to do it yourself, on purpose and powerfully to improve YOUR golf game starting the now. You’ll see immediate results next time you hit the links.

What’s unique about this system is that you get to choose the self-hypnosis method that works for you in entering the state. Nowhere else on the planet can you find this kind of power that you can do for yourself at home and on the course at a fraction of the cost of visiting my office.

People pay me THOUSANDS over the course of multiple sessions for this information. They also have to fly to my office.

Why would they pay that and go through all that trouble? RESULTS.

Most of my customers come from referrals from their friends and relatives…because my methods get RESULTS.

But now new technology and video gets you the same benefits as my in-person clients.

You can instantly begin learning to radically improve your mind and your game right now via my Golf Self-Hypnosis Members Program.

With Golf Self-Hypnosis Members Program, you can visit my virtual office 24 hours a day for reinforcement or to work on the next issue you’d liketo improve on. All at your own pace.

All of my proven techniques that I have used successfully with hundreds of in-person golfers and other athletes is right here waiting for you.
GOLD MEMBERSHIP – 24.95 Per Month

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – 247.00 – Own If For Life!

Never make another payment again!

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My Irons Were Amazing!!

“…today, I was 3 over par for 11 holes. I had 2 birdies on par 3 holes. I was hitting my driver straight, though not as long as I wanted yet. My irons were amazing!! Straight and longer by about 10 yards each. I am loving your techniques and referring any who will listen to look you up on your website”

Jerry T – Waxahachie, TX

Get Instant Access Right Now

How much money have you blown on improving your game? Did those new clubs really help you that much?

What did you spend on all those lessons and how much time did you burn there?

You know none of that stuff worked because watching all the swing videos in the world won’t cut it either…you have to EXPERIENCE change in your innermind if you’re going to be more focused, present, in the zone and CONSISTENT. You need self-hypnosis tools to program your mind and body for total flow and perfection on the course.

I’m going to help you do just that, with my new members-only training site and monthly online program.

Here’s what you get in the Golf Self-Hypnosis Members Program:

Right Now, Get These Full-strength
Golf Self-Hypnosis Sessions:

Long Game – Increase Driving Distance. You can communicate to the body/mind to make every micro movement kinetically super efficient. You can only do this with your unconscious mind. Otherwise you end up “steering.” You can also become more flexible and grow muscle mass where it’s needed for strength.

Long Game – Improve Accuracy. This is huge! This session builds on the fact that if you’ve hit a great shot with each of your clubs, your unconscious mind has the instructions to do it again as easy as pulling a file from a filing cabinet.

Long Game – Your Perfect Swing. This session is about going back and re-teaching your body the fluid movements you’ve had in recent past when you have played your best. You will also adopt the useful attributes of another player that you model after. Trust of your swing is the result and therefore, automatic commmitment to each shot.

Short Game – Pitching and Chipping. Woods, Mickelson and all the great short game pros had one thing in common with their short game…amazing creativity. Every shot in this part of the game has micro “touch” variables that can wildly affect the results – Lie, how far back on the backswing, etc. In this session, we program in some tested beliefs from the great instructors and we manufacture creativity.

Short Game – Sand Trap Shots. Here, the goal is to get to that same feeling that top pros have that gets them to say “Get in the trap!” as the ball flies away from the green. Again, some fundamentals that all the great teachers agree on are included here.

Putting – Reading Greens. How do you currently “read” a green? You CANNOT DO IT CONSCIOUSLY. How important is a correct read on any green? You can make a case that it’s MORE important than a good drive, or any other shot for that matter. The only way to get better at reading greens is from experience and then ALLOWING your unconscious mind to formulate the target line based on all of that past experience. Your ucm has the ability to collect data (your senses), input it through your experiences and then come up with a perfect read…if you get your conscious mind out of the way.

Putting – Confidence. It’s been my experience working with golfers that great putting simply comes down to how confident you feel when on the green with a putter. Confidence is an emotion. Your unconscious mind regulates your emotions. We use some NLP techniques and long-tested hypnotic techniques in here to get that going for you using your putting as the vehicle.

Putting – Eliminate the Yips, a 3-session process. I laugh when I read articles from pros about how to get rid of the yips. Most have no clue. All the drills in the world won’t work because this is entirely a function of the unconscious mind. It didn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t go away overnight. I have, however, uncovered the true causes and guide you through to unravelling the twisted knots in your hands and arms in a 3 week process.

Mental Toughness – Develop Focus. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the excuse “I lost my focus”…I’d be rich. Why do golfers lose focus? Through this session and mental toughness training, you will begin to understand how you function in your mind and then take control of the processes. You already know how to focus.

Mental Toughness – Confidence, a 2-session process. Here is where we go deeper and faster than anything other method. This process will require work on your part. I’m not going to sugar-coat that. I will be expanding this in the future to more sessions. It’s all important. If you feel confident, EVERYTHING FALLS INTO PLACE! It’s going to be your secret weapon that no amount of lessons can give you.

Special Problems – Playing behind slow players. In this session, you discover that you have a part of you that needs to be quieted when playing behind slow or otherwise irritating players. When you get this internal agreement, you get patience.

GOLD MEMBERSHIP – 24.95 Per Month

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – 247.00 – Own If For Life!

Never make another payment again!

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Rob French

“Cleared My Mind”

“I used to play well in practice rounds and terribly when it counted in tournaments. I was hard on himself and filled with doubt. Since our sessions, it’s much easier to accept a bad shot and focus on the next one.
Whether I win a golf tournament or not, you really cleared my mind of a lot of stuff

Rob French Director of golf instruction, Jefferson Park G.C. Seattle WA

Bonus Tools for Your Bag

I know the Golf Self-Hypnosis Members Program can help you immediately improve your game (and your life). When you signup today, you get instant access to all the trainings above. I’m ALSO throwing in these bonuses to help give you even more perspective from the best and brightest to ever pick up a club.

Major Bonus – 7 digitized Golf Books – Download and Keep Them Even If You Cancel Your Membership

  • How to solve   How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-hypnosis. ($29.00 Value)
    Chapters on: The mental game, subconscious mind, How to do Self-hypnosis, Imagery, Time distortion in Hypnosis, Mental problems.
  • How to solve  How to Solve Your Golf Problems, by Byron Nelson, Paul Runyan, John Revolta, Jack Burke jr. ($19.00 Value)
    Chapters on: Slicing, Hooking, Pushing, Pulling, Loss of Distance, Topping, Shanking, Sclaffing, Smothering, Grass Cutters, Fouling up around the greens, In the rough, In the sand, On the green, In the mind, on the scorecard. Illustrations of all problems and fixes.
  • golf can be easy  Golf Can Be An Easy Game by Joe Novak ($21.00 Value)
    Chapters on: Erroneous theories, The golf shot, the golf stroke, Body action, Footwork, Basic ideas, Clubs, Slicing and hooking, Unusual shots, Lefthanded golf, Women’s golf, Common faults, Golf research, Harmful golf theory, Mental side of golf…and more. Former President of the PGA.
  • Hit Hard  Hit it Hard by Arnold Palmer ($25.00 Value)
    Chapters on: Mental approach, The hands in the swing, Stance, Backswing, Driving, Swing finish, Club choice, Long irons, Mid-irons, Short irons, Around the green, Putting, Trouble shots. This book was written at the height of Palmer’s career and includes many swing photos.
  • Golf Secrets  Golf Secrets of the Pros by Scott Camden ($14.00 Value)
    Chapters on: Shotmaking with all clubs from these Golf Legends: Snead, Middlecoff, Mangrum, Souchak, Armour, Stranahan, Ford, Bayer, Demaret, Furgol, Sarazen, Bolt, Boros, Toski, Fleck, Littler, Burke.
  • The natural way  The Natural Way to Better Golf by Jack Burke jr. ($16.00 Value) Jackie Burke jr
    Chapters on: Grip, Address, Consistent putting secrets, Chipping, Swing pause secret, Footwork, Woods, Slice cure, Starting a round, Short game, Shot creativity, Trouble shots.
  • Sam Snead book  The Education of a Golfer by Sam Snead ($35.00 Value)
    This book is part instruction, history, adventure, humor and stories from the great Sam Snead. Sam is quite entertaining in this book telling all about his many tour victories and some tough losses. He gives you lessons with his stories and sometimes directly. He covers all the major aspects of the game throughout the book. You will get to know the real man, Sam Snead through reading this book and also learn how to improve your game in the process. 245 pages long, a classic must-have for any golfer.

Get off the hamster wheel of bad habits costing you
low-scores and bragging rights

Think about all the challenges you’ve been through learning to improve your game. If you’re honest enough, you KNOW you can’t blame your equipment, or your swing coach, or your buddies for making you miss those shots.

You KNOW you’re to blame and it’s time you “fix” your subconscious programming and reset it to a new level of focus and high performance. Just think about what would happen if you could get in (and STAY in) the ZONE for entire rounds of golf? What if…

You can program your swing instructor’s teaching into your mind and body so that you instantly repeat their lessons every time
You can play equally well and even better in tournaments as you do in practice rounds
You can stand on the green, see the path to the hole with total clarity and focus, and KNOW you will make the ball, every time
You can pull out shots from your bag like pages from the course guide?
You can grip your driver and automatically trigger and activate the Tiger Woods in you?

This and more is all possible right now when you enroll in my Golfer’s Self-Hypnosis Members Program.

The Member’s Program is just $24.95 Monthly. That’s it. Basically twenty-five bucks and you can immediately start mastering your mind and lowering your scores. Cancel anytime. Otherwise, when you stay aboard you’ll keep getting new and cutting-edge self-hypnosis tools, techniques and trainings that will continue to improve your scores for just $24.95 a month (LESS than a decent golf glove!). If you want to FIND YOUR EDGE AND FOCUS, stay in the ZONE, and program your mind and body for success on the course then you need this program.

What you’re going to LOVE about this program is that it is not your average run-of-the-mill golf membership site; you know – those ones where you just get to go inside the member pages and download some ebooks and read some articles.

Instead, the Golf Self-Hypnosis Member’s Program is an ACTIVE, EXPERIENTIAL site where you are going to DO things. You are going to follow along with me in using your body/mind as the performance-driven instrument it is designed for. You’re literally going to learn to master your mind in this program and because you do you’ll be able to blow away your friend’s and your old handicap on the course.

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Extra Bonus! Beyond the course!

Think the power of this program is that it’s focused on your golf game and on improving your scores. I want to go even further, though, and help you use these tools to gain an overall compentitive advantage and mental mastery level in ALL areas of your life.

Enroll today and you get my elite EMOTIONAL MASTERY TRAINING for FREE!

***FREE Special Bonuses – Emotional Mastery, Eliminate Fears and Entering the Zone Trainings***

For years, I’ve had the idea that if I could just be in control of my emotions and state on the golf course, that my game would follow. I’ve noticed patterns with my clients games and the problems they’ve brought to me that convinced me of this truth.

Between my clients teaching me and my studying psychology and hypnotherapy, I’ve developed an easy-to-follow 8-step process for EMOTIONAL MASTERY and tools and tactics for eliminating fear and getting to the gateway of THE ZONE.

These trainings inside the member’s area are the same as my office clients get. It’s beyond powerful. In fact, I’m convinced that if you practice these techniques at home, you will not only truly bypass your competition in Mental Toughness, but other areas of your life will improve as well….relationships, negotiations, attracting partners or clients, etc.

You might have seen some top pros out there on tour during crunch time. How do they stay cool with all that pressure? How do you get over fear of missing a downhill bending 3 foot putt? How do you train your mind to release just enough of the chemicals of anger to motivate you into a deep concentration?

When you learn these Jedi mind tricks (not really tricks, but really, no one else teaches this anywhere):

** You will never carry anger from a missed shot with you to the next hole.

** You will walk to the first tee as calm as on the practice range.

** You will become addicted to the high that comes with pressure.

** The butterflies in your stomach will fly in formation and you’ll nail the shot.

** Fear will cease to exist and strategic, perfectly-played decisions will rule your choices and your game

You get all this when you enroll in the Golf Self-Hypnosis Member’s Program today!

I will be bringing in othe experts to teach even more cutting edge shortcuts to your golf and personal greatness!! Look for interviews from teaching instructors, other hypnotists, mental game gurus and more. Sign up and walk right on into my clubhouse.
An Effective “How To” Approach

There is a lot of literature and training material
that explains “what” one should be doing; very little of this
material does anything to explain “how”. I believe you have
captured and presented an effective “how to” approach.The learning
breakthrough for me was on utilizing hypnosis prior to the shot. I have had previous positive experiences with “relaxation techniques”, but was not able
to put them to use during a round of golf. You have provided an
approach to “how” that seems to be working for me. I can honestly say
that I have, so far, reduced my handicap from 19.6 to 15.7 by
utilizing your techniques. This has occurred over a period of four
months and twenty five rounds of golf.

Robert J Sequim, WA

Your GUARANTEED Satisfaction

Start immediately.
Your best game awaits you.
Take action now!

Golf Self Hypnosis is for the serious golfer who is interested in advanced methods for taking control of your formerly automatic processes. This is the INSTANT and healthy way to increase your focus, control your anger, find your zone, and automatically program your mind and body for golfing brilliance.

Our members experience huge gains in consistency, focus, and confidence that translates to lower scores and much more enjoyment of the game.

Once you are in this club, you will instantly get the secret skill of the world’s best golfers. You’ll also get all the training on this page!

You’ve tried everything else. Now try what works. Tiger Woods and the best players in the game use these secrets every single shot and every single round. There’s no risk and if you don’t love the program – you can cancel anytime. But I guarantee that you can play at a level you never even imagined. You can master your presence and performance on the course and you don’t need any new equipment. All you need is your mind, this program and your commitment. Enroll in our member’s program today and get started.

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OR you can go Gold Lifetime with NO recurring payments for a one-time sweet deal of $247.00.

“P.S. Please remember, this is a limited time offer. You are getting a big Thank YOU! form Craig on this one. This system works, and it has been used to train everyone including Olympic athletes. You want your game to go gold? Then pull the trigger now. It’s that simple. Get the greatest success advantage that you might ever have the opportunity to discover. This is beyond ordinary golf- this is Golf in the Zone!”