About Craig Sigl and Golf Self Hypnosis

I used to say that I began my journey into the world of hypnosis in 2005 when I took my first hypnosis training.  Today, I know otherwise as I’ve been doing hypnosis a lot longer than that…and so have you.

I realized that I was hypnotized, literally and not figuratively, way back when as I was reading golf magazines that brainwashed me into thinking that the way to great golf was through mechanics.  That is so far from the truth, except for rank beginners. I was hypnotized by others who told me that golf was hard. I was hypnotized by a culture that teaches people how to repress or ignore emotions.

I’ve since awakened from that trance and am taking control of the trance I already knew how to do…this is my teaching for you as well.

You reading this now are obviously a serious golfer or you wouldn’t be here.  You and I get it that the game is 90% mental and that is not just a trite saying. Am I saying that you should stop trying to improve your swing? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that your precious time and efforts to improve should be placed where you are going to get the greatest ROI (return on investment). Did I tell you that I graduated from college with a Finance degree?  I can’t quite remember how I passed those classes and ended up with a 3.0 gpa since I distinctly remember disliking accounting and numbers…go figure.

Anyway, you can read more about me at my bios:


http://sportshypnosiswest.com/sports-hypnotist.html  (there’s more info on hypnosis here)

I’ve had some interesting discoveries in working with over a thousand clients in person. Things you just cannot learn by reading books or taking trainings. You have to experience them for yourself by unleashing the power of your unconscious mind.  This is a process and a practice that I’ve been undertaking and the benefits never cease to amaze me.

One fine day about a year ago, I was talking to one of my mentors and telling her that I was shocked at how well I was attracting business and good people to myself. I had struggled for so long in the corporate world spinning my wheels and getting nowhere but sick and stressed out that I didn’t know any better.   She told me: “Craig, stop being surprised and shocked and instead, be thankful and ask for more!”  Profound learning that has stuck with me and keeps abundance flowing in all areas of my life.

This membership is built on the foundation of making internal change.  Golf is just the vehicle that we are using here and it will serve you well in reducing your scores, make no mistake.  I, however, am always interested in doing more for my clients than they expected from me in providing value.  You might be surprised at how the time and effort you put into doing hypnosis here positively affects other areas of your life. I can’t wait to hear from you about that.

Please feel free to respond to any email you get from me or comment on the pages and postings in this site. I will monitor and respond for everyone so that we all benefit…including me!

I’ve been telling my friends that I have the best job in the world…what other career can you get paid to do your own personal development?

Maybe you can look at utilizing this site as “How cool is it that I can become mentally and emotionally in control of myself while breaking through my scoring barriers in this great game of golf!”

Don’t you just LOVE that feeling you get to walk around with for days after a great round or a string of pars or even that magical hole in one?  There is nothing like it and I will always remember that day when my favorite 7-iron came through for me.

Get ready to unleash your greatness!!!

Greens and fairways,